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Why is doing company accounts so easy with BVS?

You can focus on your Business without worrying about deadlines and any other delays in filing your company accounts.

You will get your own dedicated experienced Accountant who cares about all worrying matters with regards to your company accounts when you are with BVS.

BVS experts will give every advice and support in doing your company accounts while all compliance aspects being assured 100%.

You will enjoy the great freedom of mind to grow your business along with time you have when you are partnered with BVS.

Why set up your SPV with BVS?

SPV is also called as SPE (Special purpose entity) which will be a legal entity who will operate for a limited of defined purpose.

SPVs are mostly setup as Limited liability companies, how ever SPVs can also being setup as any other type of business such as public limited company (PLC), Limited Liability Company (LLP) etc.

SPV is a very popular method of acquiring properties in the field of property investments and landlords using this method to maximise their return on invested properties and in expanding their business.

Why a SPV should be used?
  • Both Income tax and capital gain tax positions can be improved
  • Directors will be able to fund the asset and be the decision makers
  • There is no limitation about number of properties a SPV can own or number of SPV that can setup
  • Interest costs of the mortgages can be set off against the income generated from the SPV
  • Considered as an independent company from the parent there for mortgages and properties can be purchased using the SPV’s name

Setting up and maintaining SPV with BVS experts will give you sense of freedom as you don’t need to worry about any deadlines or compliance aspects.

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